Tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception without an external sound source and is one of
the most common public health problems that compromise the quality of life for many
people. Tinnitus would affect 11.9% to 30.3% of the general population. Current data show that this phenomenon mainly concerns the population between 40 and 70 years with a greater preponderance in the male sex than in the female one (3/2). Even if most of the affected subjects tend to "live" with the symptom and therefore not resort to the help of the doctor, about 1-2% of the subjects affected suffer a strong impact on the quality of life manifesting debilitating disorders such as depression, anxiety , frustration and insomnia.

The experience gained over these long years has allowed us to develop an App capable of stimulating, preventing and alleviating the phenomena of hearing decay and Tinnitus, also including the relaxation function through the Cardiac Coherence function.

The S-Coclear App includes five functions in a single application for a 360 ° audiological and tinnitus treatment.

It is innovative because there is currently no SW that combines all these
functions in a single application. In this way, several advantages can be obtained: such as Stimulating hearing and keeping it young, Masking tinnitus with the sounds of nature and white noise, suppressing and reducing the annoyance of tinnitus with a narrow band white noise customized ad hoc on the tinnitus, Amplify the ambient sounds for those who are not yet equipped with hearing aids (a lunch with many diners) and Relax through the Cardiac Coherence technique (in parallel to relaxation it is possible to activate the Stimulator, the Melodic Masker and the Tinnitus Suppressor).

Stimolatore Cocleare

Mascheratore Melodico di Acufeni

Soppressore di Acufeni

Amplificatore Ambientale


Tecniche di Rilassamento

Cochlear Stimulator

The “Cochlear Stimulator” was designed for those patients who are not yet ready for a hearing aid but at the same time want to stimulate the ear and therefore the cochlear flora to slow down hearing loss. This treatment must be repeated daily for a period of time of 30 to 60 minutes per day for at least 3 months. Not hearing some sounds well leads to rusting of the brain; in fact, the tone-topical mapping of the auditory cerebral cortex begins to change, and once it changes, the ability to recognize words is lost. People who have poor hearing ability also tend to develop poor listening skills. Brain training, it has been shown, is able to activate part of the cerebral cortex, improving its brain plasticity and preventing sound deprivation, slowing down hearing decay. The
Cochlear Stimulator” was born after the enormous experience gained in the field of hearing aids, having found a benefit of voice recognition on the part of all patients who have used Hearing Aids. This has allowed us to demonstrate that continuous border-line stimulation tends to prevent that cochlear-cortical aging process or at least slow it down, allowing to keep hearing young until it is necessary to necessarily use the Hearing Aid.


Melodic Masker

The “Melodic Masker” was designed for those patients suffering from Tinnitus with the aim of relieving discomfort through the sounds of nature. Preventing worsening is good practice, there is no miracle cure for tinnitus, although more and more research is being carried out around the world, at the medical / scientific level. However, even if there is no definitive cure, it is possible to improve the discomfort of tinnitus people through natural masking and relaxation sounds. The patient can find various types of sounds and choose the one they prefer to alleviate their ailment. Using sound therapy, it is possible to create a pleasant sound environment to be able to relax, have a peaceful sleep, study and work better, because listening to pleasant sounds takes your attention away from tinnitus. The only thing that needs to be done is to identify the most suitable sound, since the choice is very personal. In fact, some prefer natural sounds, others prefer artificial sounds like white noise instead. When tinnitus is very annoying, we recommend using these sounds initially for several hours a day. Sounds should be played at a volume level that allows ambient sounds to be heard as well. We recommend using earphones or headphones also in the Bluethoot version or in case of hearing loss, the same hearing aids. Not only natural sounds are included in our app, but also sounds suitable for meditation and so-called white noise. It is important during listening to ensure that the tinnitus becomes a sound that is not separated from the environment, in order to move the tinnitus from an uncontrollable and annoying state to something that is part of the environment itself and therefore no longer bothersome. if it is possible to succeed in doing this, its strength will decrease with listening because in the long run, new neuronal balances will be created.

Tinnitus Suppressor

The “Tinnitus Suppressor” contains within it a range of sounds different by frequency with a range from 90 to 12000 Hz that the patient adjusts with buttons as more similar and familiar to his own tinnitus, in the way to activate the therapeutic treatment in order to alleviate or even inhibit your ailment. It is possible to choose the frequency range among 13 bands by acting separately on the right ear and the left ear. The intensity of the volume can be adjusted separately for both sides and will have to align itself with the sound of your tinnitus without covering it, in order to hear both of them (your own and the generated one). The therapy consists of treating one’s tinnitus with this generated noise, for an hour a day for a period of 3 months and which, if necessary, could become 6 or 12 months.

The aim is to reshape the auditory cortical topical-tone map through ad hoc personalized masking. The sounds generated are narrow band white noises included in the range from 90 Hz to 12000 Hz. The method follows the principle of TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) which uses sound therapy in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions. in order to neutralize the tinnitus and turn it into a more easily acceptable neutral noise.

But the advantage of this App is that in addition to the customized ad hoc masking, it can be coupled to the Cochlear Stimulator function and the Melodic Masker and the Cardiac Coherence relaxation function. In short, a winning combination of functions that will allow the patient to benefit from it at 360 °.

Environmental Amplifier

The “Environmental Amplifier” was created for all those people who are not yet ready for the hearing aid but who nevertheless want to improve their hearing in a familiar and noisy environment. In fact, understanding speech in a noisy environment is difficult for hearing impaired people. The characteristics of this App function are to take advantage of the smartphone’s microphone and to channel the audio reception of the microphone to the bluetooth earphones or bluetooth bone earphones. The benefit is to improve listening to conversations for the hearing impaired who have not yet resorted to Hearing Aids and therefore the advantages are to be able to solve those embarrassing situations that can occur in a family meeting when you are at the table, and everyone talks together or at the sea when you are under an umbrella and talk immersed in the noise of open-space. The great advantage is that of being able to use earphones by air or by bone (bluetooth).

Relaxation Techniques

The "Relaxation Techniques" are very important since the psychic life is the result of a constant effort of integration between the two parts of the brain: the cognitive, rational, facing outward and the emotional, which is the part of the Nervous System Central that deals with emotions, involving a large part of the physiology of our body: heart, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, hormones, digestive system, immune system. The Emotional part is the unconscious part at the basis of survival and closely connected to the body. Emotional disorders such as: stress, anxiety, depression are consequences of the malfunctioning of the Emotional Brain, often linked to experiences lived in the past, indelibly imprinted in the central structures. In the tinnitus patient these are often the causes that have determined his tinnitus. We can say that between the two cognitive and emotional systems, the most important is that which concerns the relationship between the emotional brain and the heart. Our psychic well-being depends on the integration between these two brains, the cognitive and the emotional. When these two brains are aligned and in tune, we experience a feeling of inner harmony, an indispensable condition for any wellness experience. On the other hand, when the emotional brain goes out of phase, the heart suffers, and in the long run it becomes exhausted. In fact, we can speak of the heart-brain system. A harmonious reaction between the two allows us to easily reach that condition of flow which is synonymous with well-being. This interaction of well-being can be achieved through the relaxation technique called Cardiac Coherence. The most effective method to get in harmony with the heartbeat in coherence is breathing which is divided into three stages: The first stage is to focus attention on the interior, putting aside all worries for a few seconds; 15-20 seconds are enough to shift attention to the heart region. Second stage consists in imagining breathing through the heart by breathing slowly, imagining bringing oxygen in the inhalation and exhalation and getting rid of all waste as if we were washing the heart in a bath of clean air. The Third stage consists in imagining a feeling of gratitude, the heart is very sensitive to any feeling of love. Just visualize moments of happiness such as a loved one, a child's smile, a neutral environment and anything that can create a state of serenity and happiness. Precisely for this reason, the “Relaxation Techniques” of this App through the Cardiac Coherence Technique, allow you to realign these two parts of our body (heart-brain) and this will also help relieve the discomfort of tinnitus.